RSSB Computor course/संगणक

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Online Coaching is the new trend in the competitive exam preparation domain. Many students are taking advantage of the RSSB Computor course/संगणक to get a step close to their dream job. Our course is designed to provide you 360° throughout your journey of preparing for the Rajasthan Investigator Exam.

RSSB Computor course/संगणक

Our Rajasthan Rajasthan computor Online Course consists of audio and video lectures of the course, e-notes, e-books, model test papers, and much more. These resources will provide you all the support required to crack the exam.

Course Features


 Smart E-Books

Smart E-books are provided to the students, which are up-to-date with the trends of the exam and covers the entire curriculum comprehensively.

 Live Quiz

The students will get Live quizzes based on the topic taught in the class which will help them revise the topics thoroughly and know which segments they are weak in.

 Video Lectures

The students will get Video Lectures by subject specialists with a pre-set schedule for the forthcoming classes so that they can make their study plan in like manner.

 Video Solution of Live Quiz

Subject experts will provide solutions for every quiz so that the aspirants can precisely understand each topic from the curriculum.

 Class PDF

The students receive a Class PDF for quick revision in every class.

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Topics for this course

1 Lessons

Basic statistics

Correlation & Regression.

Index number.






Vital statistics

RSSB Computor course/संगणक